RAYBIT_REFLECTION Ray chain contains a reflection ray.
RAYBIT_TRANSPARENCY Ray chain contains a transparency ray (refractions are not contained).
RAYBIT_REFRACTION Ray chain contains a refraction ray.
RAYBIT_CUSTOM Ray chain contains a custom ray.
RAYBIT_CURR_REFLECTION Current ray is a reflection ray.
RAYBIT_CURR_TRANSPARENCY Current ray is a transparency ray.
RAYBIT_CURR_REFRACTION Current ray is a refraction ray.
RAYBIT_CURR_CUSTOM Current ray is a custom ray.
RAYBIT_VOLUMETRICLIGHT Current ray is used to calculate a volumetric light.
RAYBIT_ALLOWVLMIX Custom mixing of visible light sources allowed for the ray; bit must be deleted by shader if used.
RAYBIT_GI Current ray is a Global Illumination ray.
RAYBIT_BLURRY Current ray is a blurry ray.
RAYBIT_SSS Current ray is a subsurface scattering ray.
RAYBIT_AO Current ray is an Ambient Occlusion ray.
RAYBIT_COMPOSITING Current ray is a compositing ray.