QUICKTAB_BAR in Bar mode (0=off, 1=on, 2=non-bold). Set True for group title bars.
QUICKTAB_BARTITLE str Title for bar mode.
QUICKTAB_SHOWSINGLE bool Show single items.
QUICKTAB_SPRINGINGFOLDERS bool Allow springing folders (activate quicktabs on drag and drop).
QUICKTAB_SEPARATOR bool Draw separator.
QUICKTAB_BARSUBGROUP bool Handle as subgroup. Like bar mode, but with fold arrow icon. Implies QUICKTAB_BAR. Call QuickTabCustomGui.IsSelected() to get fold state.
QUICKTAB_BARLAYERCOLOR bool Show layer color.
QUICKTAB_NOLINEBREAK bool No line break for tabs inside scrollgroups.
QUICKTAB_BGCOLOR vector/int Color RGB or ID.
QUICKTAB_NOMULTISELECT bool No multiple tab selection.
QUICKTAB_ALTERNATIVECOLOR int Use an alternative color (color ID from color preferences).