MODATA_MATRIX Matrix Matrix of the clone.
MODATA_COLOR Vector Color of the clone.
MODATA_SIZE Vector Size of the clone.
MODATA_UVW Vector UV position of the clone.
  MOGENFLAG_CLONE_ON Particle is visible.
  MOGENFLAG_DISABLE Particle is permanently disabled.
  MOGENFLAG_BORN Particle is just generated (internal use only).
  MOGENFLAG_MODATASET The MoData has been set and does not need the input of the transform panel.
  MOGENFLAG_COLORSET The MoData color has been set and does not need to be updated.
  MOGENFLAG_TIMESET The MoData time has been set and does not need to be updated.
MODATA_WEIGHT float Weight of the clone.
MODATA_CLONE float Clone Offset (picks which child of the Cloner gets cloned or the blending between those children).
MODATA_TIME float Time offset of the clone.
MODATA_LASTMAT Matrix Previous frame particle matrix.
MODATA_STARTMAT Matrix Matrix at the particle’s birth.
MODATA_ALT_INDEX int Alternative index value that can be used for instance by the Step Effector when cloned over a spline with an offset.
MODATA_FALLOFF_WGT float Falloff weight.
MODATA_SPLINE_SEGMENT int The segment index, mostly used with the MoSpline (currently unused).
MODATA_GROWTH float Offset of growth for the particle on the MoSpline (currently unused).