C4DPL_INIT_SYS Initialize system.
C4DPL_INIT Initialize the plugin, calling PluginStart.
C4DPL_END End the plugin, calling PluginEnd.
C4DPL_MESSAGE Receive plugin message, calling PluginMessage.
C4DPL_BUILDMENU Called when the menus are built during startup. Use GetMenuResource() etc. to add own menus here if necessary. See the example.
C4DPL_STARTACTIVITY Sent to all plugins after all PluginStart have been called.
C4DPL_ENDACTIVITY Sent to all plugins before any PluginEnd has been called. This allows to close dialogs, end threads, delete temporary/undo buffers etc.
C4DPL_CHANGEDSECURITYTOKEN Sent to all plugins if the Security Token of Team Render was changed.
C4DPL_SHUTDOWNTHREADS Sent to all plugins before the threading system of Cinema 4D is shutdown. After that no threads should be started.
C4DPL_LAYOUTCHANGED Sent to all plugins after the layout has been switched.
C4DPL_RELOADPYTHONPLUGINS Sent when Python plugins are to be reloaded. See Python Plugins Reloading.
C4DPL_COMMANDLINEARGS Sent to let plugins parse the command line arguments used when starting Cinema 4D. Retrieve the arguments by calling sys.argv. See Command Line Arguments.
C4DPL_EDITIMAGE Sent to allow plugins to start any other actions when Cinema 4D tries to show an image (e.g. in the shader popup). data is dict{‘imagefn’: str, filename of the image that triggered the message}
C4DPL_ENDPROGRAM Sent when Cinema 4D is about to close. data is dict{‘cancel’: bool, set to True to cancel close of Cinema 4D}
C4DPL_DEVICECHANGE Sent when a device has changed. data is dict{‘name’: str, name of the device, ‘eject’: bool Eject, state of the device}
C4DPL_NETWORK_CHANGE Sent to all plugins if the network configuration on the system changed.
C4DPL_SYSTEM_SLEEP Sent to all plugins if the system goes to sleep.
C4DPL_SYSTEM_WAKE Sent to all plugins if the system wakes up.
C4DPL_PROGRAM_STARTED Sent when the application has been started.