BORDER_NONE No border.
BORDER_THIN_IN Thin border inward.
BORDER_THIN_OUT Thin border outward.
BORDER_IN Normal border inward.
BORDER_OUT Normal border outward.
BORDER_GROUP_IN Group border inside.
BORDER_GROUP_OUT Group border outside.
BORDER_OUT2 Outward border 2.
BORDER_OUT3 Outward border 3
BORDER_BLACK Thin black line.
BORDER_ACTIVE_1 Active border 1.
BORDER_ACTIVE_2 Active border 2.
BORDER_ACTIVE_3 Active border 3.
BORDER_ACTIVE_4 Active border 4.
BORDER_GROUP_TOP Border along the top.
BORDER_ROUND Border with round corners.
BORDER_SCHEME_EDIT Edit field border like the shortcut gadget for example.
BORDER_SCHEME_EDIT_NUMERIC Edit field border that is open to the right like the link field for example.
BORDER_OUT3l Outward border 3, open to the left.
BORDER_OUT3r Outward border 3, open to the right.
BORDER_THIN_INb Thin border inward, open to the botton.
BORDER_MASK Masks out border type.
New in version R21:
Only used with GeDialog.AddStaticText().
Draws a dotted line at right of text, useful to visually connect the text with its parameter.
BORDER_WITH_TITLE_MONO Display group title with monospaced font.
BORDER_WITH_TITLE_BOLD Display group title with bold font.
BORDER_WITH_TITLE Display group title in the border.