BMP_NORMAL Standard scaling by the operating system. Fast but low quality when using uneven scaling factors.
BMP_NORMALSCALED Scaling with sampling for high quality. Slow.

New in version R21: | Embosses the bitmap (like the grayed palette icons in Cinema 4D). | Previously called BMP_EMBOSSED.

BMP_ALLOWALPHA Uses the alpha channel to blend with the current draw color set with GeUserArea.DrawSetPen().
BMP_APPLY_COLORPROFILE Applies the color profile.
BMP_DIMIMAGE Darkens the bitmap (like the activated palette icons in Cinema 4D)
BMP_MIRROR_H Mirrors the bitmap horizontally.
BMP_MIRROR_H_FORBID Does not mirror the bitmap horizontally.
BMP_MIRROR_V Mirrors the bitmap vertically.
BMP_MIRROR_V_FORBID Does not mirror the bitmap vertically.