BF Group LayoutΒΆ

BFV_GRIDGROUP_EQUALCOLS Each column has the same width.
BFV_GRIDGROUP_EQUALROWS Each row has the same height.
BFV_CMD_EQUALCOLUMNS Columns have equal width.
BFV_BORDERGROUP_CHECKBOX Checkbox in title of a border group.
BFV_BORDERGROUP_FOLD Fold symbol in title of a border group. Deprecated.
BFV_BORDERGROUP_FOLD2 Foldable group, but no switch gadget.
BFV_GRIDGROUP_ALLOW_WEIGHTS Allow the user to move the weights.
BFV_GRIDGROUP_FORBID_MIRROR Do not mirror the layout of the group.
BFV_DIALOG_REMOVEABLE Dialog is removable.
BFV_DIALOG_BAR_VERT Dialog has a vertical dialog bar.
BFV_DIALOG_NOBUTTONS Dialog has no button bar.
BFV_LAYOUTGROUP_PALETTEOUTLINES Layout group has palette outlines.
BFV_IGNORE_FOCUS Group ignores focus.
BFV_LAYOUTGROUP_NODROP Prevents drag and drop onto a tab. Private.
BFV_LAYOUTGROUP_NODROP2 Prevents drag and drop between layout groups. Private.
BFx_NOEQUAL Groups with BFV_GRIDGROUP_EQUALCOLS or BFV_GRIDGROUP_EQUALROWS flags can have their own maximum width.