PythonDll Struct Reference

#include <cpython.h>

Public Attributes

DllRef _dll
Url _path
Int32 _major
Int32 _minor
Int32 _micro
Bool _isRelease
Int32 _apiVersion
Bool _staticallyLinked

Member Data Documentation

◆ _dll

DllRef _dll

◆ _path

Url _path

The dll to the loaded Python library.

◆ _major

Int32 _major

Path of the library.

◆ _minor

Int32 _minor

Major version of Python, e.g. 2.

◆ _micro

Int32 _micro

Minor version of Python, e.g. 7.

◆ _isRelease

Bool _isRelease

Micro version of Python, e.g. 14.

◆ _apiVersion

Int32 _apiVersion

True if the library is a release, otherwise false.

◆ _staticallyLinked

Bool _staticallyLinked

Internal Python API version.