PreviewImageProviderOutputImage Struct Reference

#include <previewimageprovider.h>

Detailed Description

Defines a result image. Instances that have been returned (c.f. TakeOutput) are expected to be immutable to allow safe shared ownership of the pixel data.

Public Attributes

IntVector2d _imageSize
SamplesFloat32ConstRef _samplesFloat32Linear
Bool _isFinal

Member Data Documentation

◆ _imageSize

IntVector2d _imageSize

The image size in width and height. Its product has to match the size of @_samplesFloat32Linear, i.e. _imageSize.x * _imageSize.y = _samplesFloat32Linear->GetCount().

◆ _samplesFloat32Linear

SamplesFloat32ConstRef _samplesFloat32Linear

The pixel data of the result preview image in linear color space. Pixels are defined as (r, g, b, a) values in row-major order. It is expected to give away ownership to the underlying data, avoiding any read or write access to it after return.

◆ _isFinal

Bool _isFinal

Defines whether this preview result is final for the current state of the subject within the the node graph. A final state can then be used for cache revival later on and may be waited for by blocking preview request calls, e.g. coming from the HW Renderer or from viewport with an enabled "Animate Preview" setting for the respective node material.