TextureBuffer Struct Reference

#include <materialparameter.h>

Detailed Description

Defines an image to represent a material parameter.

Public Member Functions

Bool IsPopulated () const

Public Attributes

StrongCOWRef< BaseArray< Vector4d32 > > _pixels
IntVector2d _dimensions

Member Function Documentation

◆ IsPopulated()

Bool IsPopulated ( void  ) const

Checks whether a pixel array has been assigned to the texture buffer.

True if there's a pixel array, false otherwise.

Member Data Documentation

◆ _pixels

The pixel data of the image in linear color space. Pixels are defined as (r, g, b, a) values in row-major order.

◆ _dimensions

IntVector2d _dimensions

The image size in width and height. Its product has to match the size of @_pixels, i.e. _dimensions.x * _dimensions.y = _pixels->GetCount().