PortInfo Struct Reference

#include <corenodes.h>

Detailed Description

PortInfo stores information about a port, it is returned by CoreNodeBaseInterface::GetPortInfo().

Public Member Functions

const DataTypeGetAccessType () const
String ToString (const FormatStatement *format=nullptr) const

Public Attributes

Id name
DataType type
DataType accessType
MicroNode::FLAGS flags

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetAccessType()

const DataType& GetAccessType ( ) const

Returns the access type of the port. For non-state ports, this is the decayed type, otherwise it's the l-value-reference type of type.

Access type of this port.

◆ ToString()

String ToString ( const FormatStatement format = nullptr) const

Returns a String representation of this @CLASS.

[in]formatStatementNullptr or additional formatting instruction.
String representation of this @CLASS.

Member Data Documentation

◆ name

Id name

The name of the port. Port names have to be unique per direction for a core node.

◆ type

DataType type

The type of the port. This is usually a const type, only for state ports it is non-const.

◆ accessType

DataType accessType

◆ wtypes


The union of the wire types of all inner connections of the port.

◆ flags

Additional flags for the port.