PrimitiveInformation Struct Reference

#include <distancequery.h>

Detailed Description

PrimitiveInformation stores information about a primitive relative to a mesh and a position on that primitive.

Public Member Functions

Bool GetTriangleQuadInfo () const
Int GetRealPolyIndex () const
Int GetRealIndex () const

Public Attributes

Int index
Int secondaryIndex
Vector uvw

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetTriangleQuadInfo()

Bool GetTriangleQuadInfo ( ) const

Retrieve if the primitive information is on the quad or the triangle part of a quad.

True if the point is on the quadpart of a polygon (a-c-d triangle), false if it is on the triangle part (a-b-c triangle).

◆ GetRealPolyIndex()

Int GetRealPolyIndex ( ) const

Retrieve the original polygon index if the primitive type is PRIMITIVETYPE::POLYGON.

this does the same as GetRealIndex() if the primitive is a polygon, but is a bit faster. Only use this if you are certain it is a polygon primitive.
Returns the polygon index relative to the initialized mesh.

◆ GetRealIndex()

Int GetRealIndex ( ) const

Retrieve the index of the primitive.

Returns the index relative to the initialized mesh.

Member Data Documentation

◆ type

◆ index

Int index

◆ secondaryIndex

Int secondaryIndex

◆ uvw

Vector uvw