ParallelFor::ForAlignedContext< FORCONTEXT, INDEXTYPE, Dummy, Dummy > Struct Template Reference
Inheritance diagram for ParallelFor::ForAlignedContext< FORCONTEXT, INDEXTYPE, Dummy, Dummy >:

Detailed Description

template<typename FORCONTEXT, typename INDEXTYPE>
struct maxon::ParallelFor::ForAlignedContext< FORCONTEXT, INDEXTYPE, Dummy, Dummy >

Context for loops to be used without init and finalize section.

Template Parameters
FORCONTEXTEither DynamicContext<CONTEXT> or StaticContext<CONTEXT>.
INDEXTYPEAn integral type used for the index of the loop.

Public Member Functions

 ForAlignedContext (INDEXTYPE from, INDEXTYPE to, Int threadIndex, BreakCondition *breakCondition)
void Init ()
Bool Finalize ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ForAlignedContext()

ForAlignedContext ( INDEXTYPE  from,
Int  threadIndex,
BreakCondition breakCondition 
[in]fromStart index.
[in]toEnd index (excluded)
[in]threadIndexInitial thread index.
[in]breakConditionPointer to a BreakCondition or nullptr (break not supported by context).

Member Function Documentation

◆ Init()

void Init ( void  )

No INIT method to be called.

◆ Finalize()

Bool Finalize ( )

No FINALIZE method to be called. Always returns false.