NetworkSockAddrIn Struct Reference

#include <network_ip_addr.h>

Detailed Description

Native storage format of IP addresses. See NetworkIpAddrInterface::GetSockaddrIn() and NetworkIpAddrInterface::SetSockaddrIn(). The Members are stored in Motorola / IBM / Network byte-order.

Public Attributes

union {
   UInt32   ipv4Int
   UInt64   ipv6Int64s [IPV6_SIZE/8]
   UChar   ipv4 [IPV4_SIZE]
   UChar   ipv6 [IPV6_SIZE]

Static Public Attributes

static const Int IPV4_SIZE
static const Int IPV6_SIZE

Member Data Documentation


const Int IPV4_SIZE


const Int IPV6_SIZE

◆ ipv4Int

UInt32 ipv4Int

◆ ipv6Int64s

UInt64 ipv6Int64s[IPV6_SIZE/8]

◆ ipv4

◆ ipv6

◆ @1095

union { ... }