DeepImagePixelMutableBuffer Struct Reference

#include <gfx_image_storage_deepimage.h>

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Detailed Description

Extends PixelConstBuffer with the count of samples per pixel for depth pixel buffers. this structure is only valid if SETPIXELHANDLERFLAGS::DEPTH and SETPIXELFLAGS::DEPTH is given.

Public Member Functions

 DeepImagePixelMutableBuffer (UInt32 *counts, Pix *&buffer, BITS inc)
- Public Member Functions inherited from PixelMutableBuffer
 PixelMutableBuffer ()=default
 PixelMutableBuffer (const PixelMutableBuffer &src)
 PixelMutableBuffer (const PixelMutableBuffer &src, Int offset)
 PixelMutableBuffer (Pix *buffer, BITS inc)
PixelMutableBufferoperator= (const PixelMutableBuffer &src)
 operator const PixelConstBuffer & () const

Public Attributes

Pix *& _bufferPtr
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BITS _inc

Additional Inherited Members

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using PIXELTYPE = Pix

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DeepImagePixelMutableBuffer()

DeepImagePixelMutableBuffer ( UInt32 counts,
Pix *&  buffer,
BITS  inc 

DeepImagePixelConstBuffer constructor. The following example illustrates how the data needs to be delivered.

UInt32 sampleCounts[2];
Pix* pixelData;
finally { DeleteMem(pixelData); };
DeepImagePixelConstBuffer buffer(sampleCounts, pixelData, pixelFormat.GetBitsPerPixel());
const char ** buffer
Definition: abstract.h:327
maxon::UInt32 UInt32
Definition: ge_sys_math.h:61
UChar Pix
unspecified pixel format depth.
Definition: gfx_image_imagechannel.h:17
void DeleteMem(T *&p)
Definition: defaultallocator.h:257
[in]countsPointer to a memory block that receives the number of samples per pixel. The array needs to be as long as the number of requested pixel.
[in,out]bufferPointer to the memory block which receives the pixel data. Important: This memory is reallocated with ReAllocMem and needs to be freed after this call!
[in]incPixel offset between 2 samples.

Member Data Documentation

◆ _counts

UInt32* _counts

◆ _bufferPtr

Pix*& _bufferPtr