CellEdge Struct Reference

#include <celldata.h>

Detailed Description

CellEdge struct respresents an edge in the Voronoi Cell data. It saves indices to the start and endpoint of the edge as well as indices to other edges, that are somehow related to the current edge (reverse, next edge of face and next edge of vertex)

Public Member Functions

 CellEdge ()=default
 CellEdge (Int start, Int end, Int nextEdgeOfFace, Int prevEdgeOfFace, Int reverseEdge)
String ToString (const FormatStatement *formatStatement=nullptr) const

Public Attributes

Int _start
Int _end
Int _nextEdgeOfFace
Int _prevEdgeOfFace
Int _reverseEdge

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CellEdge() [1/2]

CellEdge ( )

◆ CellEdge() [2/2]

CellEdge ( Int  start,
Int  end,
Int  nextEdgeOfFace,
Int  prevEdgeOfFace,
Int  reverseEdge 

Member Function Documentation

◆ ToString()

String ToString ( const FormatStatement formatStatement = nullptr) const

Returns a readable string of the content.

[in]formatStatementNullptr or additional formatting instruction. See also Formatting Floating point values.
The converted result.

Member Data Documentation

◆ _start

Int _start

◆ _end

Int _end

◆ _nextEdgeOfFace

Int _nextEdgeOfFace

◆ _prevEdgeOfFace

Int _prevEdgeOfFace

◆ _reverseEdge

Int _reverseEdge