RayParameter Struct Reference

#include <c4d_raytrace.h>

Public Attributes

Int32 xres
Int32 yres
Int32 left
Int32 top
Int32 right
Int32 bottom
Float pixelaspect
Int32 antialiasing
Int32 oversample
Int32 reflection
Int32 transparency
Bool shadow
Bool onlysoftshadow
Int32 raydepth
Int32 reflectiondepth
Int32 shadowdepth
Float threshold
Bool gi_reflectivecaustics
Bool gi_refractivecaustics
Int32 field
Bool volumetriclighting
Bool straightalpha
Bool textures
Bool textureerror
Bool enable_blurry
Bool dithering
Bool gi_enablediffuse
Bool gi_prepass
Bool cs_enablecaustics
Bool cs_enablevolumecaustics
Int32 aa_filter
Float aa_threshold
Int32 aa_minlevel
Int32 aa_maxlevel
Bool aa_useobject
Float aa_globalmip
RENDERFLAGS renderflags
Bool showhud
Bool cacheshadowmaps
Bool enablespd
Float global_brightness
Bool apply_ambientocclusion
Bool aa_considermultipasses
Bool linear_workflow
COLORSPACETRANSFORMATION colorspacetransformation
Float unitscale
Float aa_filtersizex
Float aa_filtersizey
Bool aa_customfiltersize
Bool aa_clipnegative
Bool gi_ambientocclusion
Bool gi_radiance_enabled
Int32 gi_radiance_mode
Int32 gi_radiance_samples
Float gi_radiance_density
Bool lock_noise
Bool enable_sss
Float gi_radiance_intensity
Float gi_radiance_saturation
Bool gi_lightmapping_enabled
Bool gi_lightmapping_direct
Bool gi_lightmapping_prepass
Int32 gi_lightmapping_mode
Bool net_caches_sss
Bool net_caches_ao
Bool net_caches_gi
Bool net_caches_rm
Bool net_caches_lm

Protected Member Functions

 RayParameter ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RayParameter()

RayParameter ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ xres

Int32 xres

Image horizontal resolution.

◆ yres

Int32 yres

Image vertical resolution.

◆ left

Int32 left

Left offset for the marquee render.

◆ top

Int32 top

Top offset for the marquee render.

◆ right

Int32 right

Right offset for the marquee render.

◆ bottom

Int32 bottom

Bottom offset for the marquee render.

◆ pixelaspect

Float pixelaspect

Aspect ratio of pixels.

◆ antialiasing

Int32 antialiasing

Antialiasing level: ANTI.

◆ oversample

Int32 oversample

Antialiasing oversampling (1 or 16).

◆ reflection

Int32 reflection

Reflection level (0: none, 1: floor and sky, 2: full).

◆ transparency

Int32 transparency

Transparency level (0: none, 1: no refraction, 2: full).

◆ shadow

Bool shadow

Enable shadows.

◆ onlysoftshadow

Bool onlysoftshadow

Limit shadows to soft shadows only.

◆ raydepth

Int32 raydepth

Maximum ray depth.

◆ reflectiondepth

Int32 reflectiondepth

Maximum reflection depth.

◆ shadowdepth

Int32 shadowdepth

Maximum ray depth for shadow calculations.

◆ threshold

Float threshold

Minimum intensity of a ray.

◆ gi_reflectivecaustics

Bool gi_reflectivecaustics

Enable reflective caustics for GI.

◆ gi_refractivecaustics

Bool gi_refractivecaustics

Enable refractive caustics for GI.

◆ field

Int32 field

Field rendering: FIELD.

◆ volumetriclighting

Bool volumetriclighting

Enable volumetric effects.

◆ straightalpha

Bool straightalpha

Straight alpha.

◆ textures

Bool textures


◆ textureerror

Bool textureerror

Stop if texture error.

◆ enable_blurry

Bool enable_blurry

Enable blurry.

◆ dithering

Bool dithering

True color dithering.

◆ gi_enablediffuse

Bool gi_enablediffuse

Enable radiosity diffuse option.

◆ gi_prepass

Bool gi_prepass

Radiosity prepass.

◆ cs_enablecaustics

Bool cs_enablecaustics

Enable caustics.

◆ cs_enablevolumecaustics

Bool cs_enablevolumecaustics

Enable volume caustics.

◆ aa_filter

Int32 aa_filter

Antialiasing filter.

◆ aa_threshold

Float aa_threshold

Antialiasing threshold.

◆ aa_minlevel

Int32 aa_minlevel

Antialiasing minimum level.

◆ aa_maxlevel

Int32 aa_maxlevel

Antialiasing maximum level.

◆ aa_useobject

Bool aa_useobject

Enable local antialiasing.

◆ aa_globalmip

Float aa_globalmip

Global MIP scale.

◆ renderflags

RENDERFLAGS renderflags

Render flags passed to RenderDocument(): RENDERFLAGS

◆ showhud

Bool showhud

Show head up display.

◆ cacheshadowmaps

Bool cacheshadowmaps

Enable shadow map caching.

◆ enablespd

Bool enablespd

Enable sub-polygon displacement.

◆ global_brightness

Float global_brightness

Global brightness.

◆ apply_ambientocclusion

Bool apply_ambientocclusion

Apply ambient occlusion.

◆ aa_considermultipasses

Bool aa_considermultipasses

Antialiasing consider multi-passes.

◆ linear_workflow

Bool linear_workflow

Enable Linear Workflow.

◆ colorspacetransformation

COLORSPACETRANSFORMATION colorspacetransformation

Color space transformation: COLORSPACETRANSFORMATION.

◆ unitscale

Float unitscale

Unit scale. 1.0 unit equals 'unitscale' meters in real life.

◆ aa_filtersizex

Float aa_filtersizex

Antialiasing filter width.

◆ aa_filtersizey

Float aa_filtersizey

Antialiasing filter height.

◆ aa_customfiltersize

Bool aa_customfiltersize

Enable custom antialiasing filter size.

◆ aa_clipnegative

Bool aa_clipnegative

Enable negative antialiasing clipping.

◆ gi_ambientocclusion

Bool gi_ambientocclusion

GI computes AO.

◆ gi_radiance_enabled

Bool gi_radiance_enabled

GI computes radiance maps.

◆ gi_radiance_mode

Int32 gi_radiance_mode

GI radiance mode.

◆ gi_radiance_samples

Int32 gi_radiance_samples

GI radiance samples.

◆ gi_radiance_density

Float gi_radiance_density

GI radiance density.

◆ lock_noise

Bool lock_noise

Enable identical noise distribution.

◆ enable_sss

Bool enable_sss

Enable subsurface scattering.

◆ gi_radiance_intensity

Float gi_radiance_intensity

GI radiance intensity.

◆ gi_radiance_saturation

Float gi_radiance_saturation

GI radiance saturation.

◆ gi_lightmapping_enabled

Bool gi_lightmapping_enabled

GI computes light mapping.

◆ gi_lightmapping_direct

Bool gi_lightmapping_direct

GI computes light mapping direct.

◆ gi_lightmapping_prepass

Bool gi_lightmapping_prepass

GI computes light mapping prepass.

◆ gi_lightmapping_mode

Int32 gi_lightmapping_mode

GI light mapping mode.

◆ net_caches_sss

Bool net_caches_sss

NET caches SSS.

◆ net_caches_ao

Bool net_caches_ao

NET caches AO.

◆ net_caches_gi

Bool net_caches_gi

NET caches GI.

◆ net_caches_rm

Bool net_caches_rm

NET caches radiance mapping.

◆ net_caches_lm

Bool net_caches_lm

NET caches light mapping.