RayLightComponent Struct Reference

#include <c4d_raytrace.h>

Detailed Description

Use by custom illumination models; the illumination model fills out rdiffuse and rspecular for a given light source.

Public Attributes

Vector64 lv
Vector col
Vector rdiffuse
Vector rspecular
Vector rreflection

Member Data Documentation

◆ light

RayLight* light

[READ ONLY] The light source.

◆ lv

[READ ONLY] The light vector (points towards the light source).

◆ col

Vector col

[READ ONLY] The color of the light source.

◆ rdiffuse

Vector rdiffuse

[WRITE] The diffuse component.

◆ rspecular

Vector rspecular

[WRITE] The specular component.

◆ rreflection

Vector rreflection

[WRITE] The reflection component.