RayHemisphere Struct Reference

#include <c4d_raytrace.h>

Detailed Description

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Public Member Functions

 RayHemisphere ()

Public Attributes

UInt32 size_m
UInt32 size_n
UInt32 depth
UInt32 count_hs
UInt32 count_area
UInt32 count_sky
Bool sample_hs
Bool sample_area
Bool sample_sky
Bool no_hs
Bool no_area
Bool no_sky
Bool gradients
Bool per_pixel
Bool radiance_area
Bool radiance_sky
Bool ao_only
Float ao_dist_min
Float ao_dist_max
Bool ao_trans
Bool ao_self
Vector color
Bool cache_mode
Float cache_dist
Float cache_r
Float cache_r_real
Bool details
Bool details_found
Float details_radius
Float details_ratios
Float details_sum
maxon::BaseArray< RayHemiSamplesamples
Bool ao_reverse

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RayHemisphere()

Default constructor.


Member Data Documentation

◆ size_m

UInt32 size_m

[READ ONLY] Width of the samples array (2D array of samples mapped into hemisphere).

◆ size_n

UInt32 size_n

[READ ONLY] Height of the samples array (2D array of samples mapped into hemisphere).

◆ depth

UInt32 depth

[READ ONLY] The indirect depth.

◆ count_hs

UInt32 count_hs

[READ ONLY] Hemispherical sampling counts.

◆ count_area

UInt32 count_area

[READ ONLY] Area sampling counts.

◆ count_sky

UInt32 count_sky

[READ ONLY] Sky sampling counts.

◆ sample_hs

Bool sample_hs

[READ ONLY] Enable hemispherical sampling.

◆ sample_area

Bool sample_area

[READ ONLY] Enable area sampling.

◆ sample_sky

Bool sample_sky

[READ ONLY] Enable sky sampling.

◆ no_hs

Bool no_hs

[READ ONLY] Do not compute hemispherical sampling.

◆ no_area

Bool no_area

[READ ONLY] Do not compute area sampling.

◆ no_sky

Bool no_sky

[READ ONLY] Do not compute sky sampling.

◆ gradients

Bool gradients

[READ ONLY] Compute gradients. samples is not valid unless this is true.

◆ per_pixel

Bool per_pixel

[READ ONLY] The call is used in per-pixel mode.

◆ radiance_area

Bool radiance_area

[READ ONLY] The call is used when computing area radiance for radiance maps.

◆ radiance_sky

Bool radiance_sky

[READ ONLY] The call is used when computing sky radiance for radiance maps.

◆ ao_only

Bool ao_only

[READ ONLY] Compute only the AO.

◆ ao_dist_min

Float ao_dist_min

[READ ONLY] AO minimum distance.

◆ ao_dist_max

Float ao_dist_max

[READ ONLY] AO maximum distance.

◆ ao_trans

Bool ao_trans

[READ ONLY] AO transparency.

◆ ao_self

Bool ao_self

[READ ONLY] Self shadowing only AO.

◆ color

Vector color

[WRITE] The computed indirect illumination when gradients are not used.

◆ cache_mode

Bool cache_mode

[READ ONLY] GI caching mode.

◆ cache_dist

Float cache_dist

[WRITE] GI cache distance.

◆ cache_r

Float cache_r

[WRITE] GI cache.

◆ cache_r_real

Float cache_r_real

[WRITE] GI cache.

◆ details

Bool details

[READ ONLY] Compute the details enhancement for GI.

◆ details_found

Bool details_found

[WRITE] Found details enhancement.

◆ details_radius

Float details_radius

[READ ONLY] Details enhancement radius.

◆ details_ratios

Float details_ratios

[WRITE] Details enhancement quality ratios.

◆ details_sum

Float details_sum

[WRITE] Details enhancement sum.

◆ samples

[READ ONLY] Indirect illumination samples.


◆ ao_reverse

Bool ao_reverse

[READ ONLY] Compute reverse ambient occlusion.