RayCamera Struct Reference

#include <c4d_raytrace.h>

Public Attributes

Matrix64 m
Matrix64 m_inverse
Float64 zoom
Int32 type
Int32 depthoffield
Float front_end
Float middle
Float rear_end
Float qtvr_hstart
Float qtvr_hend
Float qtvr_vfov
Vector64 off
Vector64 scale
Float front_start
Float rear_start
Float front_dlt
Float rear_dlt
Int32 xdlt
Int32 ydlt
Matrix motion_delta
Float64 near_clipping
Vector64 kscale
Vector64 kscale_z
Float64 far_clipping
Bool near_clipping_enabled
Bool far_clipping_enabled
Float fDOFAperture
SpcInfo _spcInfo

Protected Member Functions

 RayCamera ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RayCamera()

RayCamera ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ m

The camera's matrix.

◆ m_inverse

Matrix64 m_inverse

The camera's inverse matrix.

◆ zoom

Float64 zoom

The zoom factor (focal length divided by aperture width for perspective projections).

◆ type

Int32 type

The camera type: RaytraceCameraTypes.

◆ depthoffield

Int32 depthoffield

The type of depth of field: DOF.

◆ front_end

Float front_end

The depth of field front blur end.

◆ middle

Float middle

The depth of field target distance.

◆ rear_end

Float rear_end

The depth of field rear blur end.

◆ qtvr_hstart

Float qtvr_hstart

The horizontal start angle for QuickTime VR panorama.

◆ qtvr_hend

Float qtvr_hend

The horizontal end angle for QuickTime VR panorama.

◆ qtvr_vfov

Float qtvr_vfov

The vertical field of view for QuickTime VR panorama.

◆ link

BaseObject* link

The pointer to the real camera object. Can be nullptr, always check.

◆ off

Vector64 off

The camera offset, this is the center in screen coordinates.

◆ scale

Vector64 scale

The camera scale, this is the screen scale, including focal length, aperture etc.

◆ front_start

Float front_start

The depth of field front blur start.

◆ rear_start

Float rear_start

The depth of field rear blur start.

◆ front_dlt

◆ rear_dlt

◆ xdlt

Int32 xdlt

The X offset for internal render.

This value (and ydlt) is only relevant if there is an editor rendering.
In the editor Cinema 4D has to fit in the view into the view window that might have a different x/y aspect ratio.
This means that either to the left/right or the upper/lower there will be an additional region that the final (external) render will not see.
The offset for this line is stored in either xdlt or ydlt, and the other one is 0.

◆ ydlt

Int32 ydlt

The Y offset for internal render. See xdlt.

◆ motion_delta

Matrix motion_delta

The motion transformation matrix. This is oldmg * !newmg. The delta time is always 1/fps.

The VIDEOPOSTINFO::REQUEST_MOTIONMATRIX flag must be set for this value to be calculated.

◆ near_clipping

Float64 near_clipping

The Z clipping depth if near_clipping_enabled is true.

◆ kscale

Vector64 kscale

The camera's image scale.

◆ kscale_z

Vector64 kscale_z

The camera's image Z scale (for axonometric projections).

◆ far_clipping

Float64 far_clipping

The far clipping plane distance.

◆ near_clipping_enabled

Bool near_clipping_enabled

Enables near clipping.

◆ far_clipping_enabled

Bool far_clipping_enabled

Enables far clipping.

◆ fDOFAperture

Float fDOFAperture

The real depth of field (DOF) aperture.

◆ _spcInfo

SpcInfo _spcInfo

Spherical camera parameters.