MultiInstanceData Struct Reference

#include <lib_instanceobject.h>

Detailed Description

Multi-instance structure.

R20 For the multi-instance mode of the InstanceObject, this helper structure is used to extract all instance specific data.

Public Member Functions

void Clear ()
maxon::Result< void > ExtractInfo (InstanceObject *obj)

Public Attributes

maxon::BaseArray< MatrixinstanceMatrices
maxon::BaseArray< maxon::Color64instanceColors
maxon::BaseArray< Int32instanceUniqueIPs

Member Function Documentation

◆ Clear()

void Clear ( )

Clear Stored Data.

◆ ExtractInfo()

maxon::Result<void> ExtractInfo ( InstanceObject obj)

Extract all instance specific data for the specified InstanceObject. The InstanceObject must be in mutli-instance mode.

[in]objMulti-instance object.

Member Data Documentation

◆ instancedObject

BaseObject* instancedObject

Pointer to the Object that is being instantiated. Only valid during object lifetime.

◆ instanceMatrices

maxon::BaseArray<Matrix> instanceMatrices

Global matrices, one for each instance.

◆ instanceColors

Color, one for each instance.

◆ instanceUniqueIPs

maxon::BaseArray<Int32> instanceUniqueIPs

Unique IP, one for each instance.