MatPreviewObjectInfo Struct Reference

#include <customgui_matpreview.h>

Detailed Description


Public Attributes

Bool bHandlePreview
Bool bNeedsOwnScene
Bool bNoStandardScene
Int32 lFlags

Member Data Documentation

◆ bHandlePreview

Bool bHandlePreview

Set to true if the material has its own preview handler.

◆ bNeedsOwnScene

Bool bNeedsOwnScene

Set to true if the material modifies the default scene.

◆ bNoStandardScene

Bool bNoStandardScene

Set to true if no scene should appear in the popup menu and a custom preview scene will be created. bNeedsOwnScene has to be true if the standard scene is not used.
An empty scene is then passed for the message MATPREVIEW_MODIFY_CACHE_SCENE to build one.

◆ lFlags

Int32 lFlags

A combination of the following flags: (Only evaluated if bHandlePreview is set to true.) MATPREVIEW_FLAG.