LayerData Struct Reference

#include <c4d_basedocument.h>

Detailed Description

Holds information data about a layer in a document.

See Also
BaseList2D::GetLayerData() BaseList2D::SetLayerData()

Public Member Functions

 LayerData ()

Public Attributes

Bool solo
Bool view
Bool render
Bool manager
Bool locked
Bool generators
Bool deformers
Bool expressions
Bool animation
Vector color
Bool xref

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

LayerData ( )

Default constructor.

Member Data Documentation

Bool solo

Solo Mode.

After setting the LayerData solo mode the document's NBIT_SOLO_LAYER bit has to be cleared:
// Get the list head for the document's layers.
if (list==nullptr)
return false;
LayerObject* layer = (LayerObject*)list->GetFirst();
if (layer==nullptr)
return true;
// Get the LayerData.
const LayerData* data = layer->GetLayerData(doc, true);
LayerData newdata(*data);
// Set the solo mode to false
newdata.solo = false;
// Set the new layer data with the changed solo mode.
doc->AddUndo(UNDO_CHANGE, layer);
layer->SetLayerData(doc, newdata);
// Clear the Solo bit.
doc->AddUndo(UNDO_BITS, doc);
Bool view

Visible in editor view.

Bool render

Visible in render view.

Bool manager

Visible in Object Manager and Timeline.

Bool locked

Not selectable and no modification possible, grayed out in Object Manager.

Bool generators

Generators on/off.

Bool deformers

Deformers on/off.

Bool expressions

Expressions on/off.

Bool animation

Animation on/off.

Vector color

Layer color.

Bool xref

Import with XRef.