KerningTriState Struct Reference

#include <customgui_kerning.h>

Detailed Description

TriState helper for class Kerning.

Public Member Functions

 KerningTriState ()
 KerningTriState (const Kerning &k)
void Add (const Kerning &k)
Kerning GetValue () const
Bool GetTri () const

Public Attributes

TriState< Float_kerning
TriState< Float_tracking
TriState< Float_scale
TriState< Float_scaleH
TriState< Float_scaleV
TriState< Float_baselineShift
TriState< Float_leading

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ KerningTriState() [1/2]

Default constructor.

◆ KerningTriState() [2/2]

KerningTriState ( const Kerning k)

Copy constructor.

[in]kThe KerningTriState object to copy members from.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Add()

void Add ( const Kerning k)

Adds a Kerning object to the TriState.

[in]kThe Kerning object to add.

◆ GetValue()

Kerning GetValue ( ) const

Retrieves the TriState's value.

The TriState's value.

◆ GetTri()

Bool GetTri ( ) const

Retrieves the TriState status.

true if the TriState is ambiguous, otherwise false.

Member Data Documentation

◆ _kerning

TriState<Float> _kerning

TriState for Kerning.

◆ _tracking

TriState<Float> _tracking

TriState for Tracking.

◆ _scale

TriState<Float> _scale

TriState for Scale.

◆ _scaleH

TriState<Float> _scaleH

TriState for Horizontal Scale.

◆ _scaleV

TriState<Float> _scaleV

TriState for Vertical Scale.

◆ _baselineShift

TriState<Float> _baselineShift

TriState for Baseline Shift.

◆ _leading

TriState<Float> _leading

TriState for Leading.