GvHook Struct Reference

#include <c4d_graphview_def.h>

Detailed Description

A structure for the various hooks that can be registered with the Graph View world. See each hook structure for more information.
Use GvWorld::RegisterHook() to register a hook.

Public Member Functions

 GvHook ()

Public Attributes

GvDropHookFunc drop_function
GvCalcHookFunc init_calculation
GvCalcHookFunc begin_calculation
GvCalcHookFunc end_calculation
GvCalcHookFunc begin_recalculation
GvCalcHookFunc end_recalculation
GvCalcHookFunc free_calculation
GvMenuHookFunc menu_command
GvMenuHookFunc build_menu
GvMessHookFunc message
GvAnimHookFunc hook_init
GvAnimHookFunc hook_main
GvAnimHookFunc hook_free
GvDrawHookFunc draw
Int32 hook_id
Int32 owner_id
String hook_name
String menu_name

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GvHook()

GvHook ( )


Member Data Documentation

◆ drop_function

GvDropHookFunc drop_function

Drop hook.

◆ init_calculation

GvCalcHookFunc init_calculation

Init calculation hook.

◆ begin_calculation

GvCalcHookFunc begin_calculation

Begin calculation hook.

◆ end_calculation

GvCalcHookFunc end_calculation

End calculation hook.

◆ begin_recalculation

GvCalcHookFunc begin_recalculation

Begin recalculation hook.

◆ end_recalculation

GvCalcHookFunc end_recalculation

End recalculation hook.

◆ free_calculation

GvCalcHookFunc free_calculation

Free calculation hook.

◆ menu_command

GvMenuHookFunc menu_command

Menu command hook.

◆ build_menu

GvMenuHookFunc build_menu

Build menu hook.

◆ message

GvMessHookFunc message

Message hook.

◆ hook_init

GvAnimHookFunc hook_init

Animation init hook.

◆ hook_main

GvAnimHookFunc hook_main

Animation main hook.

◆ hook_free

GvAnimHookFunc hook_free

Animation free hook.

◆ draw

Draw hook.

◆ hook_id

Int32 hook_id

A unique hook ID. Must be obtained from http://www.plugincafe.com.

◆ owner_id

Int32 owner_id

Owner ID.

◆ hook_name

String hook_name

Hook name.

◆ menu_name

String menu_name

Menu hook name.