GetMoDataMessage Struct Reference

#include <c4d_baseeffectordata.h>

Detailed Description

Structure for passing MoData around.

Public Member Functions

 GetMoDataMessage ()
 ~GetMoDataMessage ()
MoDataRelease (void)

Public Attributes

Int32 index
Bool user_owned

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GetMoDataMessage()

Default constructor.

◆ ~GetMoDataMessage()


Member Function Documentation

◆ Release()

MoData* Release ( void  )

Releases the MoData to the user. The user must then free the result afterward.

The released modata. The caller owns the pointed motion data.

Member Data Documentation

◆ modata

MoData* modata

The returned MoData.

◆ index

Int32 index

The index of the modata.
There can be multiple MoData on an object; e.g. the Text object for instance has 4 MoData, one for the whole, then for lines, words and finally characters.
Can be used to retrieve the other MoData from the motion data tag. Should be usually set to 0.

◆ user_owned

Bool user_owned

The modata is either owned by Cinema 4D or by the user. If it is user owned then the user must free the modata.