GeRayColResult Struct Reference

#include <lib_collider.h>

Detailed Description

Stores the result of calculations with GeRayCollider.

Public Attributes

Int32 face_id
Int32 tri_face_id
Vector hitpos
Float distance
Vector s_normal
Vector f_normal
Vector barrycoords
Bool backface

Member Data Documentation

◆ face_id

Int32 face_id

The polygon index of the intersection point.

◆ tri_face_id

Int32 tri_face_id

If first half of quad or triangle face_id + 1, else -(face_id + 1).

◆ hitpos

Vector hitpos

The position of the intersection.

◆ distance

Float distance

The distance to the intersection.

◆ s_normal

Vector s_normal

Same as f_normal. (reserved for phong normal at the intersection (Not normalized))

◆ f_normal

Vector f_normal

The face normal. (Not normalized)

◆ barrycoords

Vector barrycoords

The barycentric coordinates of the intersection. (x = u, y = v, z = d)

◆ backface

Bool backface

true if the intersected face's normal points away from the camera, otherwise false.