GV_DATA_HANDLER Struct Reference

#include <c4d_graphview_def.h>

Detailed Description

Data type handler. Use GvRegisterDataType() to register.

Public Member Functions


Public Attributes

GvDataID data_id
GvValueID value_id
GvValGroupID group_id
void * userdata
Int32 edit_id
char resource_symbol [32]
UInt32 x_flags
String(* GetName )(void *userdata)
BaseBitmap *(* GetIcon )(void *userdata)
Int32(* GetDefaultsList )(void *userdata, BaseContainer &bc)
Bool(* SetDefault )(void *userdata, Int32 id, void *data, Int32 cpu_id)
Int32 disclevel

Constructor & Destructor Documentation



Member Data Documentation

◆ data_id

GvDataID data_id

The data ID.

◆ value_id

GvValueID value_id

The value ID.

◆ group_id

GvValGroupID group_id

The value group Id.

◆ userdata

void* userdata

The user data.

◆ edit_id

Int32 edit_id

Not used. Should be set to 0.

◆ resource_symbol

char resource_symbol[32]

Resource symbol.

◆ x_flags

◆ GetName

String(* GetName(void *userdata)

Get the data type name.

[in]userdataThe user data.
The data type name. The handler owns the pointed String.

◆ GetIcon

BaseBitmap*(* GetIcon(void *userdata)

Get the icon for the data type.

Currently not used.
[in]userdataThe user data.
The data type icon. The handler owns the pointed BaseBitmap.

◆ GetDefaultsList

Int32(* GetDefaultsList(void *userdata, BaseContainer &bc)

Retrieve a container with the names of the default values the custom data type provides.
For example, the Float data type provides default values like "Thousand" and "PI / 2".

[in]userdataThe user data.
[out]bcThe container to add the default values to.
The number of default value added to bc.

◆ SetDefault

Bool(* SetDefault(void *userdata, Int32 id, void *data, Int32 cpu_id)

Set one of the constants reported by GetDefaultsList() in data[cpu_id].

[in]userdataThe user data.
[in]idThe default value ID.
[in]dataThe data to set the default value in. Points to GV data. The layout of the pointed data is determined by value_id.
[in]cpu_idThe CPU ID.
true if successful, otherwise false.

◆ disclevel

Int32 disclevel

The disc level.