EnumInfo Struct Reference

#include <enumflags.h>

Detailed Description

EnumInfo contains information about a C++ enum type, including its values. For an enum type E you can get the info by calling GetEnumInfo<E>().

Public Member Functions

const Block< const UInt64 > & GetValues () const

Public Attributes

const Charname
Int size
Bool flags
const Charidentifiers
const UInt64values
Int valuesLength

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetValues()

const Block<const UInt64>& GetValues ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ name

const Char* name

The unqualified name of the C++ type.

◆ size

Int size

The size of the type in bytes.

◆ flags

Bool flags

True if the type is registered with one of the MAXON_ENUM_FLAGS macros, false otherwise (the MAXON_ENUM_LIST case).

◆ identifiers

const Char* identifiers

The enumerator names in source code order. This is a null-terminated sequence of null-terminated strings.

◆ values

const UInt64* values

Pointer to a block of valuesLength values which holds the enumerator values in source code order.

◆ valuesLength

Int valuesLength

Number of elements starting at values.