EffectorDataStruct Struct Reference

#include <c4d_baseeffectordata.h>

Detailed Description

Data structure for an effector's internal data, filled from its container.
See obaseeffector.res and obaseeffector.h for the IDs.
To get it filled make sure that the IDs for strength etc. match those in obaseeffector.h.

Public Member Functions

 EffectorDataStruct ()
 ~EffectorDataStruct (void)

Public Attributes

Float falloff_time
Vector pos
Vector scale
Vector rot
Vector col
Float strength
Float maxstrength
Float minstrength
Int32 trans_mode
Int32 col_mode
Int32 blend_mode
Float strengths [21]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ EffectorDataStruct()

Default constructor.

◆ ~EffectorDataStruct()

~EffectorDataStruct ( void  )


Member Data Documentation

◆ falloff_time

Float falloff_time

Falloff time.

◆ pos

Vector pos


◆ scale

Vector scale


◆ rot

Vector rot


◆ col

Vector col


◆ strength

Float strength

Effector strength.

◆ maxstrength

Float maxstrength

Effector maximum strength.

◆ minstrength

Float minstrength

Effector minimum strength.

◆ trans_mode

Int32 trans_mode

Transform mode. (See obaseeffector.res)

◆ col_mode

Int32 col_mode

Color mode. (See obaseeffector.res)

◆ blend_mode

Int32 blend_mode

Blending mode (See obaseeffector.res)

◆ strengths

Float strengths[21]

Strength value are set by the effector in EffectorData::CalcPointValue.

Amount of strengths for each value, of in order, position, scale, rotation, color (and anything else to affect).