Dpoint Struct Reference

#include <c4d_baseeffectordata.h>

Detailed Description

Motion particle transformation data.

Public Member Functions

Vector GetPos (void) const
Vector GetSize (void) const
void GetMatrix (Matrix &h, const Vector &size) const

Public Attributes

Matrix m

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetPos()

Vector GetPos ( void  ) const

Gets the particle position.

The particle position.

◆ GetSize()

Vector GetSize ( void  ) const

Gets the particle size.

The particle size.

◆ GetMatrix()

void GetMatrix ( Matrix h,
const Vector size 
) const

Gets the particle matrix.

[out]hAssigned the particle matrix.
[out]sizeAssigned the particle size.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m

Matrix m

Particle raw matrix.