DescriptionAllowOverride Struct Reference

#include <lib_description.h>

Detailed Description

Message struct for the MSG_DESCRIPTION_ALLOWOVERRIDE message.

See also
Take System Messages.

Public Member Functions

 DescriptionAllowOverride (TakeData *takeData=nullptr, BaseTake *overrideTake=nullptr, const DescID *descId=nullptr)

Public Attributes

const DescID_descId
DescID _parentId
Bool _allow
Bool _overrideEnabled

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DescriptionAllowOverride()

DescriptionAllowOverride ( TakeData takeData = nullptr,
BaseTake overrideTake = nullptr,
const DescID descId = nullptr 

Default constructor.

[in]takeDataThe take system context. The caller owns the pointed TakeData.
[in]overrideTakeThe take asking for the override. The caller owns the pointed BaseTake.
[in]descIdThe description ID to be overridden.

Member Data Documentation

◆ _takeData

TakeData* _takeData

Take system context. Cinema 4D owns the pointed TakeData.

◆ _overrideTake

BaseTake* _overrideTake

Take asking for the override.

◆ _descId

const DescID* _descId

Description ID to be overridden.

◆ _parent

BaseList2D* _parent

Parent node if the override must be assigned to it and not to the original node. Especially useful in case of branched structures.

◆ _parentId

DescID _parentId

If _parent is set also a translated parameter ID needs to be set.

◆ _allow

Bool _allow

true if the parameter can be overridden, otherwise false.

◆ _overrideEnabled

Bool _overrideEnabled

true if the global switch allows the override, otherwise false.