BaseVideoPostStruct Struct Reference

#include <c4d_videopostdata.h>

Inheritance diagram for BaseVideoPostStruct:

Public Member Functions

 BaseVideoPostStruct ()

Public Attributes

Int32 version
Bool open
BaseTime time
Int32 fps
Int32 subframe
Int32 subframe_cnt
Int32 field
Int32 field_cnt
RENDERFLAGS renderflags
Bool linear_workflow
COLORSPACETRANSFORMATION colorspacetransformation
Bool net_server

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ BaseVideoPostStruct()

Default constructor.


Member Data Documentation

◆ version

Int32 version

The version of Cinema 4D.

◆ vp

the VideoPost call: VIDEOPOSTCALL

◆ open

Bool open

true if it is an opening call. See also VideoPostData::Execute.

◆ time

BaseTime time

The current time.

◆ fps

Int32 fps

The number of frames per second.

◆ error


The render result error: RENDERRESULT May be nullptr.

◆ vd

The current VolumeData. Only valid for VIDEOPOSTCALL::INNER and VIDEOPOSTCALL::RENDER calls.

◆ doc

The active document.

◆ thread

BaseThread* thread

The executing thread. Use thread->TestBreak() to check for a user break.

◆ subframe

Int32 subframe

The current subframe. Multiple subframes are rendered if scene motion blur or field rendering are used.

◆ subframe_cnt

Int32 subframe_cnt

The number of subframes.

◆ field

Int32 field

The current field. Multiple subframes are rendered if scene motion blur or field rendering are used.

◆ field_cnt

Int32 field_cnt

The number of fields.

◆ render

Render* render

The current render.

◆ renderflags

RENDERFLAGS renderflags

The render flags passed to RenderDocument(): RENDERFLAGS.

◆ linear_workflow

Bool linear_workflow

Linear workflow enabled/disabled.

◆ colorspacetransformation

COLORSPACETRANSFORMATION colorspacetransformation

Color space transformation: COLORSPACETRANSFORMATION.

◆ net

If not nullptr then it is a Team Render rendering and this holds NET context information.

◆ net_server

Bool net_server

If true the rendering is executed on a server side, otherwise it is on a client side.