Token System Overview

Table of Contents


The token system allows the use of expressions in file names. The API makes it is possible to handle these tokens.

It is possible to:

  • Use tokens in file names to customize file locations or file names. For example, they could be based on render settings.
  • Add custom tokens to be used everywhere in Cinema 4D.

For detailed examples see Token System Manual.

  • The Token System Library contains everything needed to evaluate tokens in a given path and to register new tokens in Cinema 4D, see Token System Manual.
  • A TokenEntry basically describes a Token. The Token string (without the $) together with a help text and an optional (but recommended) example string.
  • TOKENHOOK is the definition of a function pointer. In order to register custom Tokens, a function needs to be implemented and then registered together with the custom Token. It will be called every time the custom Token needs to be evaluated.
  • RenderPathData is a central store information. A Token can be used to insert the currently rendered frame etc. into a file name. A RenderPathData object defines the parameters of a render process. It must be created manually for each task.