Take System Overview

The Take System makes it possible to handle variations of a scene in one BaseDocument.

The Take System introduces the "Auto Take" mode. If a plugin wants to support this mode it must create overrides when it edits elements of the scenes. See the example in the BaseTake Manual.

The Take System automatically handles the parameters of ObjectData, TagData, MaterialData and ShaderData plugins. SceneHookData, VideoPostData and NodeData plugins are not handled automatically.

Additional Elements are:

  • Description Messages: The Take System sends two messages to an object to find out, if certain parameters can be overridden.
  • Core Messages: The Take System sends a message when the take changed.
  • Tags: If a custom tag should be available in an override group, it must be registered with a special flag.
  • Custom GUIs: It is possible to disable overrides in custom GUI elements.
  • Description GUI: It is possible to disable overrides for Description GUIs used in custom dialogs.
  • Bits: The Take System introduces some new bits that indicate if an object is managed by a BaseOverrideGroup.
  • Take Rendering: Takes can be rendered in a background thread. It is possible to check if current takes are rendered this way.

See Take System Additional Information.