General Plugin Functionality Overview


This page lists manuals about the most important basic functions of Cinema 4D plugins.

  • Each plugin has to implement several basic functions that are used to register new plugin classes with Cinema 4D. See Plugin Functions Manual.
  • New plugin classes are created by deriving from a base class (often based on NodeData). See General Plugin Information Manual.
  • Core messages are sent to inform the GUI about crucial events. If one edits the currently active scene or wants to get informed about changes it is needed to handle such core messages. See Core Messages Manual.
  • Callbacks can be replaced with Delegates. See Delegate Manual.


Many plugin classes are based on NodeData. Instances of such plugin classes can be added to and stored with a BaseDocument (like objects, tags, materials, etc.). To create such plugins it is needed to implement virtual functions of the NodeData class:

General functions are:

GUI related functions are:

Parameter related functions are:

Internal data is handled with:

Several NodeData based classes but also some other plugin classes allow to draw in the editor viewport. See Draw Manual.

NodeData based plugin classes

The most used NodeData based plugin classes are:

Further plugin classes are:

It is also possible to create a new class directly based on NodeData.