Source Processor


The source processor is a collection of Python scripts that are executed when a project (plugin / framework) is build. These Python scripts analyse the source code and create additional auxiliary-code.

Code Check

The source processor checks if the source code sticks to various coding rules. How strict this check is depends on the "level" setting defined in the projectdefinition.txt file. See Project Tool.

Code Generation

The source processor automatically generates new source files. These new files contain additional auxiliary-code for virtual interfaces, reference classes, published objects, etc. The generated files have the suffix *.hxx and must be included in the original header file:

// This example shows the declaration of a simple interface.
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------
// Simple class that stores a maxon::Int number.
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------
class SimpleClassInterface : MAXON_INTERFACE_BASES(maxon::ObjectInterface)
MAXON_INTERFACE(SimpleClassInterface, MAXON_REFERENCE_NORMAL, "net.maxonexample.interfaces.simpleclass");
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------
// Sets the number to store.
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------
MAXON_METHOD void SetNumber(maxon::Int number);
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------
// Returns the stored number.
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------
MAXON_METHOD maxon::Int GetNumber() const;
// This interface is declared in a file named "simpleclass.h". The automatically
// generated files are therefore named "simpleclass1.hxx" and "simpleclass2.hxx"
// The .hxx header files define the reference class "SimpleClassRef".
#include "simpleclass1.hxx"
// declare the published objects "SomeSimpleClass" and "OtherSimpleClass"
// that give access to implementations of SimpleClassInterface
// the declaration must be placed between the two hxx files since "SimpleClassRef" is defined in the first hxx file
MAXON_DECLARATION(maxon::Class<SimpleClassRef>, SomeSimpleClass, "net.maxonexample.somesimpleclass");
MAXON_DECLARATION(SimpleClassRef, OtherSimpleClass, "net.maxonexample.othersimpleclass");
#include "simpleclass2.hxx"

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