About this Documentation

The Cinema 4D C++ SDK documentation is a publicly available development reference. As such it is a growing document that is designed to help developers understand how to create plugins for MAXON Cinema 4D.

Developer Support

Plugin developers find all resources on the Development Support blog. Additional example code is presentend on GitHub.

Additional developer support is provided on the Plugin Café support forum.

For more information developer support see How to get Support.

About the Cinema 4D SDK

The Cinema 4D C++ SDK is included in every release of Cinema 4D. The SDK includes the frameworks that define the API as well as example projects.

With the release of Cinema 4D R20 the MAXON API was introduced. This API gives access to the same frameworks used by MAXON's own developers to build Cinema 4D. The cinema.framework contains the classic Cinema 4D API. While this API still can and must be used, its component will be replaced in the future (Replacements).

Existing Cinema 4D plugins (written and build for R19 or older) must be adapted for Cinema 4D R20. It is needed to create new plugin project files (Project Tool) and to adapt the code to compile in the context of the MAXON API (API Transition).

All information on the MAXON API, plugin development and plugin adaptation can be found on these pages:


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