MAXON API Interfaces

The interface system of the MAXON API is a powerful toolset to define public APIs and to hide implementation details. Most components of the MAXON API are based on such interfaces.

Basic Interface Usage

See Interface Basics.

Interface Implementation

Advanced Topics

Base Interfaces

An interface can be based on existing interfaces. The most used basic interfaces are:

See Base Interfaces.


Registries are used to register specific implementations of a given interface. An implementation that is registered in such a registry can be accessed with a specific ID from anywhere in the application.

See Registries.

Published Objects

A published object is a specially registered object that is globally available. Individual implementations of interfaces are typically presented this way. But also any other object that is a MAXON data type can be shared as a published object.

See Published Objects.

Data Description

Data descriptions define attributes of MAXON API data types.

Basic data definitions are stored as:

Resolved descriptions based on the definitions are generated at runtime:

See Data Descriptions.