FAQ: Data

What basic data types are provided?

The MAXON API provides all needed basic mathematical data types and structures. See Basic Data Types & Mathematics.

What string functions are provided?

The maxon::String class and its base-classes provide multiple functions to search and edit strings. See Strings & Texts.

What mathematical classes and functions are provided?

Basic mathematical structures like vectors, matrices and complex numbers are provided.

What data containers can be used?

The MAXON API provides the generic data containers maxon::Data and maxon::DataDictionary.

See Data Manual and DataDictionary Manual.

What array classes exist?

The MAXON API provides a range of array templates. The most used array type is the maxon::BaseArray.

See BaseArray Manual and Arrays Manual.

How can I create custom data types?

Any custom class can be registered as a MAXON API data type. Such a data type can be stored in a maxon::Data or maxon::DataDictionary object. See MAXON Data Type.