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These macros are used to automatically check the given condition and to return an error object if the condition is not met:

See also Error Types.

// This function checks the given arguments and returns an error if they do not match.
// This functions adds the values stored in the second array to the values stored in the first array.
// Both arrays must have the same size.
// @param[in, out] arrayA The first array. It will contain the result values.
// @param[in] arrayB The second array.
// @return maxon::OK on success.
// check arguments
CheckArgument(arrayA.GetCount() == arrayB.GetCount(), "Array sizes do not match.");
// add numbers
const maxon::Int size = arrayA.GetCount();
for (maxon::Int i = 0; i < size; ++i)
arrayA[i] = arrayA[i] + arrayB[i];
return maxon::OK;
Py_ssize_t i
Definition: abstract.h:645
Definition: basearray.h:412
Definition: basearray.h:573
Py_ssize_t size
Definition: bytesobject.h:86
Int64 Int
signed 32/64 bit int, size depends on the platform
Definition: apibase.h:188
return OK
Definition: apibase.h:2667
#define CheckArgument(condition,...)
Definition: errorbase.h:486
#define iferr_scope
Definition: resultbase.h:1374

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