FieldLayerData is the base class for custom field layers (FieldLayer)

A new FieldLayerData based class is registered with RegisterFieldLayerPlugin().


In a FieldLayerData based class the following functions can be implemented:


A FieldLayerData based class has to be registered with RegisterFieldLayerPlugin(). The flags are:

Modifier layers are registered with FIELDLAYER_DIRECT.


// This example shows the implementation of a custom field layer.
// ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// This example field layer shifts the hue of the sample color.
// ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
class HueShiftFieldLayer : public FieldLayerData
INSTANCEOF(HueShiftFieldLayer, FieldLayerData)
// ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Allocation of a new instance
// @return New HueShiftFieldLayer instance or nullptr.
// ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
static NodeData* Alloc()
iferr (NodeData * const result = NewObj(HueShiftFieldLayer))
return nullptr;
return result;
virtual maxon::Result<void> InitSampling(FieldLayer& layer, const FieldInfo& info, FieldShared& shared)
// store data for faster access during sampling
const BaseContainer& layerBc = layer.GetDataInstanceRef();
GeData data;
if (!layerBc.GetParameter(FIELDLAYER_HUESHIFT_OFFSET, data))
return maxon::UnexpectedError(MAXON_SOURCE_LOCATION);
_offset = data.GetFloat();
return maxon::OK;
virtual maxon::Result<void> Sample(const FieldLayer& layer, const FieldInput& inputs, FieldOutputBlock& outputs, const FieldInfo& info) const
// handle each input position
for (Int i = inputs._blockCount - 1; i >= 0; --i)
// get the color hue
const Vector color = outputs._color[i];
Vector hsv = RGBToHSV(color);
Float hue = hsv.x;
// hue shift
hue = FMod(hue + _offset, 1.0);
// store new color
hsv.x = hue;
outputs._color[i] = HSVToRGB(hsv);
return maxon::OK;
virtual void FreeSampling(FieldLayer& layer, const FieldInfo& info, FieldShared& shared)
// free internal data after sampling
virtual Bool IsEqual(const FieldLayer& layer, const FieldLayerData& comp) const
return true;
Float _offset = 0.0_f;
// This example registeres the given FieldLayerData plugin.
const Bool registerFieldLayerSuccess = RegisterFieldLayerPlugin(fieldLayerPluginID,
"Hue Shift Layer"_s,
"Changes the color hue."_s,
"Hue Shift Layer"_s,
if (registerFieldLayerSuccess == false)
return maxon::UnknownError(MAXON_SOURCE_LOCATION);

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