Changes in R18

Changes in R18.011

Development Environment Requirements

  • Minimum OS requirement are Windows 7 (or newer) and OS X 10.9 (or newer).
  • On Windows, Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 (with latest SP & patches) is required.
  • On OS X, Xcode 6.2 or Xcode 7.x is required.

Color Swatches API

The color swatches API was added to give access to color swatches stored in documents and presets:


A new class gives access to the new VertexColorTag, see VertexColorTag Manual.


The Substance plugin is now integrated into Cinema 4D. A new API allows to load and use Substance assets, see Substance Functions Manual.


The new concepts of weights was introduced to MoGraph. These weights are stored in a dedicated tag (Tmgweight) and have to be accessed with the message MSG_GET_MODATAWEIGHTS.

The VoronoiFracture object was added. The object ID is 1036557, the parameters are defined in omograph_fracturevoronoi.h


New knife tools replaced the old tool. The IDs of these new tools are:

The old knife tool was removed but can still be used with the modeling command MCOMMAND_KNIFE.


In the ReflectionLayer class the public member variables have been replaced with functions to access these values.

The Thin Film shader was added. The shader ID is Xthinfilm and the parameter IDs are defined in xthinfilm.h

The Shadow Catcher material was added. The material ID is Mshadowcatcher and the parameter IDs are defined in mshadowcatcher.h


Native support for quaternion interpolation of object rotations was added. The classes BaseObject, CTrack and CKey were extended:

For more information see BaseObject Manual, CTrack Manual and CKey Manual.

The Shift Priority tag was added. The tag ID is Tgrouppriority and the parameter IDs are defined in tgrouppriority.h


With the introduction of the VoronoiFracture object the InExcludeCustomGui got extended with:

The InExcludeData class was extended:


With the MoGraph updates the BaseDraw class was extended with BaseDraw::DrawHUDText() and BaseDraw::DrawMultipleHUDText().

GeDialog was extended:

TreeViewCustomGui::SetVisibleScrollArea() was added.

New messages can be used to store and restore the focus of sub-elements of a custom GUI element that is currently displayed in the Attribute Manager:


The Houdini Engine and the Alembic generator do now expose internal tags using "fake" tags. To get the real tag one must send the message MSG_GETREALTAGDATA.

To prevent users from deleting the "fake" tags the new bit NBIT_NO_DELETE was introduced.

Token System

RegisterHiddenToken() was added to register tokens that are not displayed in the Render Settings dialog.

See Token System Manual.


GetMachineFeatures() was extended to deliver the features of both hardware and software OpenGL.


GeSleep() has been marked as deprecated. Do not use this function for idle loops, use condition variables instead.


DrawViews() cannot be used while a modal dialog is open.

API Changes in R18.011

See API Changes in R18.011 for the detailed list.

Changes in R18.020

Motion Tracker API

The new Motion Tracker API provides read-only access to information on the loaded video footage and 2D tracks. See Motion Tracker Overview.

Voronoi Fracture Object

The new VoronoiFracture class allows to access the point sources of a Voronoi Fracture object. See VoronoiFracture Manual.

API Changes in R18.020

See API Changes in R18.020 for the detailed list.

Changes in R18.039

See API Changes in R18.039 for the detailed list.

Changes in R18.057

See API Changes in R18.057 for the detailed list.