API Structure

The Cinema 4D API resides in a central location in the Cinema 4D application folder. The main project file is located in the frameworks/cinema.framework/project folder of the resource folder in Cinema 4D's main folder. The actual source files for the API are located in the source sub-folder.

Do not change anything in the API, or your plugins might be incompatible with the rest of the Cinema 4D world!

Development Environments

Cinema 4D supports Xcode for the Mac and Visual Studio for PC. Support cannot be offered for other compiler or IDEs (e.g. no GCC compiler or Eclipse).

ReleaseWindowsOS X
Cinema 4D R18Visual Studio 2013Apple XCode 6.2 or XCode 7.x
Cinema 4D R17Visual Studio 2013Apple XCode 6.0.1
Cinema 4D R16Visual Studio 2012Apple XCode 5.0.2
Cinema 4D R15Visual Studio 2012Apple XCode 4.6.3
Cinema 4D R14Visual Studio 2010Apple XCode 4.3.2
Cinema 4D R13Visual Studio 2005Apple XCode 3.2.6
Only Visual Studio 2013 is supported on Windows for R17. Visual Studio 2010 or 2012 are not supported.
Provide different binary versions of your plugins to support older versions of Cinema 4D.
Information about previous Cinema 4D versions is only available for convenience. Only the latest API version can be supported. To maximize compatibility with a certain Cinema 4D version use the corresponding API.
Plugins compiled with a newer API will not load in an older version of Cinema 4D.