This is the documentation for the Cinema 4D R23.110 C++ SDK. It describes how to develop C++ plugins for Cinema 4D. For more information on this documentation see Introduction.

Latest Changes

For latest changes of the API see Changes in R23.

Resources and Examples

  • The Cinema 4D SDK is included in every distribution of Cinema 4D.
  • The Project Tool is available on
  • General information on how to use Cinema 4D can be found in the Cinema 4D User Manual.

The file contains these example projects:

  • cinema4dsdk: Contains various example plugins based on classic API hooks.
  • maxonsdk: Contains various example plugins based on MAXON API interfaces.
  • microsdk: Is a minimal example project combining classic API with elements of the MAXON API.

The example projects are also available on GitHub.

Quick Links

Setting up a new project Plugin Development Best Practices


Introduction Foundations Data & Algorithms

Basic information to start plugin development

Basic building blocks of the API

Generic and reusable data structures and algorithms

Application Development 3D Concepts Modules

Elements for generic application development

Handling 3D scenes and elements

Extensions of Cinema 4D like MoGraph or Xpresso