Timeline Marker

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BaseList2DGetFirstMarker (BaseDocument *doc)
BaseList2DAddMarker (BaseDocument *doc, BaseList2D *pPred, BaseTime time, String name, maxon::Color color=maxon::Color(), BaseTime length=BaseTime(), LayerObject *obj=nullptr)

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Timeline marker library ID.

Function Documentation

◆ GetFirstMarker()

BaseList2D* GetFirstMarker ( BaseDocument doc)

Retrieves the first timeline marker of the document.

[in]docThe document. The caller owns the pointed document.
The first timeline marker. Cinema 4D owns the pointed marker.

◆ AddMarker()

BaseList2D* AddMarker ( BaseDocument doc,
BaseList2D pPred,
BaseTime  time,
String  name,
maxon::Color  color = maxon::Color(),
BaseTime  length = BaseTime(),
LayerObject obj = nullptr 

Inserts a timeline marker into the document at a given time.
Optionally an insertion point pPred in the timeline marker list can be specified, giving the marker before the wanted insertion point.

[in]docThe document. The caller owns the pointed document.
[in]pPredThe optional timeline marker to use as list insertion point. The caller owns the pointed marker.
[in]timeThe time position of the timeline marker.
[in]nameThe name of the timeline marker.
[in]colorThe color of the timeline marker.
[in]lengthThe length of the timeline marker.
The added timeline marker, or nullptr if insertion failed.