Package Class Reference

#include <reflectionbase.h>

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Detailed Description

Package represents a package, that is a container of other packages, functions or classes which share the same prefix in their identifiers.

Public Member Functions

MAXON_METHOD Block< const Package *const > GetPackages () const
MAXON_METHOD const PackageFindPackage (const Id &name) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Container
MAXON_METHOD Block< const Class *const > GetClasses () const
MAXON_METHOD const ClassFindClass (const Id &name) const
MAXON_METHOD Block< const Function *const > GetFunctions () const
MAXON_METHOD Result< const Function * > FindFunction (const Id &name) const
MAXON_METHOD Result< void > FindFunctions (const Id &name, const ValueReceiver< const Function * > &result) const
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enum maxon::reflection::Member::KIND MAXON_ENUM_FLAGS_CLASS (KIND)
MAXON_METHOD const ContainerGetEnclosingContainer () const
MAXON_METHOD KIND GetKind () const
MAXON_METHOD const IdGetSimpleName () const
MAXON_METHOD const IdGetId () const
MAXON_METHOD String ToString (const FormatStatement *fs=nullptr) const

Static Public Member Functions

static MAXON_METHOD const PackageGetGlobalPackage ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Container
static const ContainerFind (const Id &memberId)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Member
static MAXON_METHOD Result< BoolGetMembers (const ValueReceiver< const Member & > &members)
static MAXON_METHOD const MemberFind (const Id &memberId)

Private Member Functions

 MAXON_INTERFACE_NONVIRTUAL_DERIVED (Package, MAXON_REFERENCE_NONE, "net.maxon.reflection.interface.package")

Additional Inherited Members

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enum class  KIND {

Member Function Documentation



◆ GetPackages()

MAXON_METHOD Block<const Package* const> GetPackages ( ) const

Returns a list of all packages which are directly contained within this package.

All packages which are directly contained within this package.

◆ FindPackage()

MAXON_METHOD const Package* FindPackage ( const Id name) const

Finds the package which is directly contained within this package and has the given (unqualified) name.

[in]nameName of the package to find.
The found package, or nullptr if there is no package with the given name.

◆ GetGlobalPackage()

static MAXON_METHOD const Package* GetGlobalPackage ( )

Returns the global package. All other members are directly or indirectly contained within the global package.

Representation of the global package.