MutableGNodeBase Class Reference

#include <nodesystem.h>

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Detailed Description

Base class for mutable g-nodes.

Public Member Functions

const NodeSystemInterface::Ptr & GetNodeSystem () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from GNodeBase
 operator Bool () const
Bool IsEmpty () const
Bool IsPopulated () const
Bool IsValid () const
const NodeSystemInterface::ConstPtr & GetNodeSystem () const
const NodePath & GetPath () const
 operator const NodePath & () const
const InternedIdGetId () const
NODE_KIND GetKind () const
GNODE_FLAGS GetFlags () const
Bool operator== (const GNodeBase &other) const
Bool operator!= (const GNodeBase &other) const
HashInt GetHashCode () const
UniqueHash GetUniqueHashCode () const
String ToString (const FormatStatement *fs=nullptr) const

Protected Types

using Super = GNodeBase

Static Private Attributes

static const Bool MUTABLE

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from GNodeBase
 GNodeBase ()=default
 GNodeBase (NodeSystemInterface *system, const GNodeHandle &node)
 GNodeBase (NodeSystemInterface *system, GNodeHandle &&node)
void SetNodeSystem (NodeSystemInterface *sys)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from GNodeBase
template<typename GNODE , typename PATH >
static Result< void > PrivateInitFromPath (GNODE &node, typename GNODE::NodeSystemCtorParam system, PATH &&path, NODE_KIND check)
- Protected Attributes inherited from GNodeBase
GNodeHandle _node

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Super

using Super = GNodeBase

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetNodeSystem()

const NodeSystemInterface::Ptr& GetNodeSystem ( ) const

Returns the node system of this node reference. For a null node a null reference is returned.

The node system of this g-node, or a null reference.

Member Data Documentation


const Bool MUTABLE