ComponentAccessType Class Reference

#include <componentaccessattributes.h>

Detailed Description

A structure for holding all component access required information for each supported DataType.

Public Types

using PortInfo = Tuple< Id, Int, Data >
using PortMap = BaseArray< PortInfo >
using InvokeType = Delegate< Result< void >(const Block< const Tuple< TrivialDataPtr, CORENODE_PORT_FLAGS > > &)>

Public Member Functions

 ComponentAccessType ()=default
 ComponentAccessType (ComponentAccessType &&src)
Result< void > CopyFrom (const ComponentAccessType &src)

Public Attributes

DataType _portType
Id _nodeId
Id _accessNodeResultId
Id _dummy
Bool _allowNested
BufferedBaseArray< PortMap,(Int) PORT_DIR::END_accessIo
InvokeType _invokeFunc

Private Member Functions


Member Typedef Documentation

◆ PortInfo

using PortInfo = Tuple<Id, Int, Data>

True to allow nested component access (break down a matrix's vectors into distinct float inputs.

◆ PortMap

◆ InvokeType

Delegate that will invoke the CoreNode within the user node _nodeId.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ComponentAccessType() [1/2]

ComponentAccessType ( )

◆ ComponentAccessType() [2/2]

Member Function Documentation





◆ CopyFrom()

Result<void> CopyFrom ( const ComponentAccessType src)

Member Data Documentation

◆ _portType

DataType _portType

◆ _nodeId

Id _nodeId

Access port datatype.

◆ _accessNodeResultId

Id _accessNodeResultId

The access node id to instantiate.

◆ _dummy

Id _dummy

Access node port id to connect to the node showing the access ports (generally the access node's single out for an input component access).

◆ _allowNested

Bool _allowNested


◆ _accessIo

◆ _invokeFunc

InvokeType _invokeFunc