UrlFileCacheEntryInterface Class Reference

#include <urlfile_cache.h>

Detailed Description

A cache entry generated by UrlFileCacheInterface::FindOrCreateUrl() As long as you keep this reference the cache file will be stored in the temp folder. As soon as the last reference the file will be kept for the maxCacheTime.

Public Member Functions

MAXON_METHOD Url GetSourceUrl () const
MAXON_METHOD Url GetCacheUrl () const

Private Member Functions

 MAXON_INTERFACE_NONVIRTUAL (UrlFileCacheEntryInterface, MAXON_REFERENCE_CONST, "net.maxon.interface.urlfilecacheentry")

Member Function Documentation


MAXON_INTERFACE_NONVIRTUAL ( UrlFileCacheEntryInterface  ,

◆ GetSourceUrl()

MAXON_METHOD Url GetSourceUrl ( ) const

◆ GetCacheUrl()

MAXON_METHOD Url GetCacheUrl ( ) const